We buy and sell Gold and Silver

Promises of “cash for gold, silver, jewelry, and precious gems” are everywhere, but when it’s time to sell your items, it pays to be careful, well informed, and not too greedy.  Sure, you want a lot of money when selling your gold and silver coins and jewelry and other collectibles or rarities, but you have to be realistic.  Finding someone to buy your items won’t be hard, but getting good prices takes time and planning.  When you want to sell your commodities, know what you have, know what it’s worth, and know what to expect.  Birmingham Coin and Jewelry has honestly and proudly served as the top coin dealer in the Birmingham – Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester, and Shelby Twp. area for over 30 years.

Birmingham Coin & Jewelry has recently become members and affiliated with:

Professional Coin Grading Service | Numismatic Guaranty Corporation | International Watch and Jewelry Guild

Our goal is to adhere to the highest standards in our industry.  By following these standards we can appraise, purchase, and sell with confidence.  This makes for a win-win in all scenarios.  Ultimately better customer service and educated experience for you.

We want people to understand we are honest and straight-forward gold buyers. We want them to know that they are not just a number and we want to conduct business with them on a personal one-on-one basis.

We buy and sell Gold

Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Gold Bullion, Gold Jewelry, Gold Scrap, Gold Casting Grain

Buying Gold Bars and Coins as Investment

As investment vehicles, gold bars are gaining in popularity primarily because gold bars carry much lower premiums than gold bullion coins carry. For example, premiums on kilo gold bars can be as much as $50 per ounce lower than the premium on American Gold Eagles.

Truly, gold bars are an exciting way to invest in gold. Hefting large gold bars almost causes an adrenalin rush. Invariably, people holding large gold bars for the first time ask, “How can something so small be so heavy?” A huge amount of wealth can be stored and concealed in gold bars.

We buy and sell Silver

Silver Coins, Silver Bullion, Silver Bars, Silver Rounds, Silver Candelabras & Silver Jewelry

Buying Silver Bars and Coins as Investment

Silver has always produced a greater percentage increase during precious metals bull markets. In some precious metals bull markets, silver has tripled in price while gold has doubled. In some moves, silver rose four times while gold doubled in price. Additionally, silver has more industrial applications than gold does, with more uses being developed.

Industrial uses provide an underpinning to the price of silver. So great is the industrial demand for silver that mine production and secondary recovery have fallen short of industrial demand since 1990.  Some analysts say that supply will fall far short of meeting demand over the next decade, and that much higher silver prices will be the result.

We buy and sell Jewelry

Audemars, Piguet, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Piaget, Rolex

We buy and sell Jewelry and Watches

Do you have jewelry or watches to sell?

We buy vintage and modern jewelry and watches especially chronographs, moonphase watches, minute repeaters, and old pocket watches.

We also buy broken jewelry and watches.

Bring your jewelry and watches to us and ensure you receive the maximum price.

From coins to old jewelry, bring in your valuables that you no longer want and we will give you a great deal! Silverware, watches, and necklaces are just a few things that we buy. Bring in your valuables today!