Birmingham Coin Dealers – Buy & Sell Gold Coins

If it’s gold coinsbullion, or scrap jewelry, Birmingham Coin and Jewelry is interested in making you an honest straight forward offer.  We will help you assess the value of your items and be sure to pay you the highest possible price based on the world metals market price of the day.

Depending on the rarity of your gold item we will always pay the top price to you.

There are few things to know about your gold items before making an appointment or coming into to our store located in Birmingham, Michigan.  First is your item heavily worn?  If so, it might only be worth the melt down value of the day.  Second is your item a coin?  We can look this up for you and give you the numismatic value of the day based on market trends.  Third is your item a jewelry item from a famous designer?  In this case we will determine a fair market price and make you an offer.  If your item is broken beyond repair we will weigh your item and give you the melt price.

If you are interested in investing in gold to balance your portfolio we can help.  We can supply you with world coins and bullion at a moments notice.

Comprehensive Gold Buyers

Any type new or old – 10K | 14K | 18K | 22K | 24K

New, used, or broken

  • High School Rings
  • Old Mountings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Charms
  • Old Watch Cases
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Dental
  • Broken Chain

We Procure Gold Coins

  • $1.00 Gold Coins (US)
  • $2.50 Gold Coins (US)
  • $3.00 Gold Coins (US)
  • $5.00 Gold Coins (US)
  • $10.00 Gold Coins (US)
  • $20.00 Gold Coins (US)

Bring in your coins for best offer. Absolute highest prices paid! We also buy foreign gold coins.

Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in precious metals market.





Client Testimonials

Birmingham Coin & Jewelry paid us top dollar for our scrap gold and findings. We got paid on the spot.

Rick G., Majestic Gems

After being buzzed into your store I felt very safe.  Having all my worldly possessions with me I was nervous.  In desperate need of money you were able to instantly help me and get me out of a financial jam.  Thank you so much!

Nadine F.

As always your price on gold coins was the best in the area.  Every year I give my grand kids gold coins for an investment into their future.  You continually treat me fairly and for that I will stay your loyal client for ever.  Bless you!

Stanley P.