24 Karat Gold 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars – In Stock Now!

The agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) has revealed the United States Mint’s plans to offer a special product featuring a 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 24 karat gold. Specifically the agenda includes “discussion of a 2014 24K Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar Special Product.” Collectors have known since last year that [...]

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Heirlooms with Potential Value

Every week, customers bring old letters with stamped envelopes, foreign “coins” and other unusual items to our store for appraisal and possible sale. When younger folks bring such items, they are usually a gift from a grandmother or uncle who wants to get rid of clutter. The gifts may have been saved as souvenirs by [...]

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Gold is the Authentic Metal of Love

Its physical beauty, strength and intrinsic value have made it the definitive choice for wedding band for almost two years. These qualities are still the reasons the majority of couples choose gold wedding bands today. Gold is strong,yet malleable,which allows for a huge variety of designs and finishes. Your band can also be easily engraved, [...]

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